Creating abundance comes down to something so basic, seriously easy… Focus on how money can come in rather than how it goes out. What? Huh? You may be ready to stop reading right now! Or ready with all the reasons you can’t focus on wealth or how that’s impossible if you don’t have money. Or say it’s easy for you to say, you already make 7 figures!
Just hear me out.
I was in a place of desperation myself a few years ago. I had been putting everything I had in my new venture with Project Positive Change and I had neglected my law office. I wasn’t sure which way to turn with PPC and the law office was suffering. I was down to our last few thousand dollars and I had just cashed in my retirement accounts, when it hit me. I was so busy worrying about what money was going out that I hadn’t been able to see how money could come in! I had to change my mindset and QUICK!

These the steps I took to go from $380k a year to over $800k to $1.2 million in three short years. 

Forget the big numbers, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the method I used.

I began to think of all the reasons I could make money. I had been successful in the past. I was capable. I had a law degree. I could sell things I had a wide circle of influence and on and on. What skills and talents do you have? Go on, list them out.

Did other people make money doing what I was doing? Sure they did. I began to list all the other people who were succeeding as leaders in the transformational world. I began to feel good about the possibility. I thought of all the reasons why it could happen instead of all the reasons why it wouldn’t happen.

I enlisted my closest friends in my dreams. Instead of listening to the naysayers, who always doubt, I chose to confide in those who believed in me I told them my goals and they joined me in declaring it as true.

I set intentional goals about what I wanted to make and reminded myself continuously of the number that I needed to make. I kept it at the top of my mind.

I made it fun. I began to sing songs about the millions I would make! I drew pictures reflecting the abundance that would come to me. I made lists of all the cool things the money would go to. I didn’t moan about not having money, I just knew it would come.

I celebrated every single win. If it was $5.00 or $5,000 I was grateful and blessed to have it come in my life.

I took massive action. I posted on social media, I made calls, I had meetings, I had conferences with people who could help. No sitting still and waiting for money to come, I was in a place of making things happen.

I made arrangements to cut expenses that were making me feel pressured and scared. I reached out to people and just let them know I needed a little time. Most people will help you, if you give them the chance.

I believed. I stopped worrying endlessly and just knew. The Universe would deliver if I kept my focus on what I wanted. Abundance in every way.Now it’s your turn. Let’s go out and make some dreams come true!

Over 22 years ago ago I set up my own law business with no business knowledge, no money, just my dad’s credit card to buy a computer and work from my kitchen table. First year I made $100,000. My accountant asked me just how I did this? To which I naively replied, “is $100,000 good??”

I learned that even though I didn’t have connections or money, I could network and meet people who would want to help me succeed. I made my living from personal referrals and the Court appointed list. I went on to become far more successful than I ever dreamed I would be. I mistakenly thought that money and happiness went hand in hand.

Even though I had all the trappings of a successful business person, I was completely dissatisfied with my business.

I was miserable.

All the boxes were checked, I had money, and was outwardly successful but absolutely hated my life and career.

I went looking for answers and found Mike Dooley from the movie “The Secret”. After his weekend event, I realised I could no longer do business in the same way anymore. I went into the office the following week and told my staff about the changes I wanted to make. Everyone called me crazy and said being a divorce lawyer coming from a place of positivity would cause us to go broke!

Nobody believed me. Yet, I was persistent, things had to change.

This is what I did……

I learned that my happiness had to come from inside. I had to stop looking for external things to create my success and instead to design a business that worked with the way I wanted to feel. I changed my self talk and taught my staff how to cultivate a company culture wherein people felt good.

The atmosphere in the office lifted immently, I felt better, the team felt better,and we saw a noticeable difference in our clients. We didn’t go broke, on the contrary, we more than doubled our business.

Other lawyers around me made fun of me for being so “happy” and once an attorney even objected because I was smiling!  I didn’t fit in and wanted to find people who wanted to do business differently.

Was I the only person who wanted to have a life and business I loved?

Finding a group to share support, ideas, and resources was what I needed to do.  I began to ask others if they thought this was a good idea. I had a resounding, “YES!” and Project Positive Change was born.

Now Project Positive Change is a community of almost 200 entrepreneurs from 26 different countries with one mission – to make an impact in the world.

You can do this much faster than I can, because you have Project Positive Change + my 7-Figure Manifesting Method I teach you in ‘My Mind Went Bank’.

My mission is to increase your profits, business results, impact in the world with more visibility and with the support of community.

With a thriving and vibrant Facebook group, a Facebook page of over 72,000 fans available to our members, events, training, networking and more.

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