YOU are who you are looking for! 

How present are you to your SELF each day, each moment? And when I say present I mean living IN your body, physically feeling through each and every cell. 

Let me ask you, if you are not present to YOU, then who has your attention and energy? For those women entrepreneurs reading this, how much of YOU is in your business? So many women have a list of items that need their attention and often their venture/purpose/business is last on the list. (Family, career, relationships, chores etc.) Consider a new way. What if by slowing down, you could actually speed up; have more energy and feel there were more hours in the day?  

I’m sure these are very strange questions coming from someone you don’t even know. Take it from someone who spent more years out of her body, and life, than in. These weren’t questions I never asked myself but they are questions I ask others each day. For my purpose is not to leave anyone in a sleep like state longer than they need to be. Not when they have the possibility of living a new way.  

My Cling Film days, as I call them were born of me working and living in London. I had no idea I was sensitive to the energy around me. I had no clue what energy even was. I unconsciously learned clever ways to close down my body to varying degrees by shallow breathing, so that I did not have to deal with the issues and monotony of life. Each scene before me seemed to be wrapped in clingfilm and untouchable, I felt like I was living on the side lines. That’s because I wasn’t in my body and I was completely unaware of that fact. My life might have looked like success but I wasn’t IN my life, or IN my body. Couldn’t I just have woken up? No because I didn’t even know I was living in this sleep like state. I didn’t realise there was an alternative. 

Because I was disconnected from my SELF I wasn’t allowing my daily emotions to process and they were backing up in my body and cells. Because each emotion carries an energy, I was continually being triggered by the energy around me that I was attracting. When I thought I was avoiding it. I felt like a boiling pot of anger and anxiety most of the time but covered that ‘unsightly’ state by many happy go lucky masks. I now know my body was operating on autopilot, survival mode, until my body stopped this recycled way of life and sent me some panic attacks to wake me up. Literally. 

The world is changing, we are changing. This shift has been occurring since 2012 which is when I was nudged awake. 2019 is the time that the collective is more aware of this awakening on our planet. This process has become more intense over the last few years. Maybe you’ve noticed?  We are literally changing realities, shifting away from a more third dimensional way of living and towards a lighter, freer way of life. 

Awakening earlier than most allowed me to experience myself and how present I could be to life. This has given me so much, and I wish I could explain the fullness and richness I can now bring to my day, and is what I receive back in return. I offer this awakening experience to others, with and without the horses. When I see someone awaken to themselves I know they will never go back to their sleep state. Because in that place of awareness they will gain their own answers to their questions and begin to take up a new direction. A path to find out more about who they truly are, and this is thrilling to witness. 

This planetary shift will see us moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. What does that mean?  A 3D reality can feel monotonous, static, as if each day is recycling around and around. You will know if you are more in the 3D living, because it will feel more like existing than living. Each day could feel like drudgery, hard work, over-actioning, pushing each job up a hill, no fun, stuck, no growth, competition, UNfree.

Whereas a present 5D life (and business) has purpose, enthusiasm. The fifth dimension is less about the material and more about sensing and feeling the world around you. Here you care about how you think AND feel. For here you understand that each word you speak, text or post out online, holds an energy. You awake each day looking forward to life, to creating your business. Each moment is lived within your own integrity. You have direction because you are setting it from what you are sensing and feeling, and pacing that direction within the natural cycles of life, instead of running to catch the clock. 

Each day contains a balance of creativity and growth as you collaborate with your competitors and work with each other to both rise up together. You trust in what you are sensing and feeling because you can see the results that YOU are creating by the Aligned Action you are taking. Freedom to be who you truly are.

A whole new way of living is upon us, we are entering a new seven year cycle where will be seeing more change. We are ALL part of that change which we can begin, right now. 

Where are you within this shift?

  • Do you feel as though you are in the process of waking up?
  • Have you always believed that there is more?
  • Your life has been changing quite drastically over the last few months/years?
  • You feel different to those around you
  • Your friends/family/colleagues seem to be on a different page
  • You are not sure where you fit in and feel restless
  • You are currently HERDless or just beginning to form new herds/tribes?

And how present are you to your SELF?

Run this test. For the next 68 seconds stand and focus solely on you. 

Breathe, and bring your focus and attention back from every single person, task and to do and back to YOU and your body. Bring your awareness into your body with each breath you take. Move around in your body with your breath. Move all the way through your torse, down your hips, legs and into your toes, finish by connecting down into Mother Earth. 

What number below best describes your 68 Second Experience?


1 = Lack of Presence to SELF

4 = Most sense of Presence to SELF

  1. I couldn’t focus at all my mind was too busy and my body was too fidgety. 
  2. I could move down the body in parts, but I couldn’t feel my body from the inside only from my awareness to the outside.
  3. I felt my body relaxing and I did manage to be with my breath most of the time, but I didn’t sense any tingling or warmth in my body. 
  4. I found it easy to move away from doing to Being. My body responded well to my attention. I now feel relaxed and connected to myself again. My mind is quieter now too. 

Now retry this exercise by rubbing your hands together briskly for 30 seconds so that they are warm and at the same time tap your feet on the floor repeatedly. Then recheck your findings. Did they change?  Doing this even once daily will improve your connection with yourself. Focus and awareness upon ourselves is NOT selfish, it is actually an act of kindness and love. It’s also necessary for health. The more you give to YOU, the more you can then give to others with a full tank!  As your body gets on board with your new practices it will soon call you back when your attention wanders.  

I work with a selective niche of Visionary Leaders, including those who may not yet admit they are leaders. They are sensitive to energy, aware of how others feel, they can be of any age too (my youngest to date was 6 years old). They are often  deeply affected by the world issues –especially nature and the animals of our planet. 


Horses taught me a new way to be in the world, a new way to live. A way of being present to each moment. Horses are masters at this for being prey animals, within a Herd, if they are not present they are in danger. When we adopt this relaxed level of awareness with the readiness to move, just like the Herd, WE become a force to be reckoned with in our life and in our business. 


I truly hope that as you read this that every area of your life is balanced and flowing i.e. experiencing healthiness, vibrancy for life, growth relationships with balance and abundance of all kinds flowing in. If so then my heartfelt congratulations. If not then consider the present of presence to yourself and see what changes occur all around you just by that simple choice of focusing on YOU. 

I’ve already started this way of living and I choose to bring this standard to every area of my life and my business and now I’m harnessing my new Human Herd, who I know will go onto make influential change in the world in some way. They are becoming the change they wish to see. 

We ALL matter for we are all one.  

YOU are who you are looking for

Together WE are the NEW Human H E R D

Jo Courtney is UK’s leading 5D Mentor and Coach for Visionary Believers.

Animals and Nature have been my biggest teachers. It was horses who taught me what it is to be consistently present to, and in my life. Present in each moment – not just occasionally. This new state regenerated my health, gave me back choice and direction and completely changed my perception to all life’s experiences. Now I feel as though I am truly living, awake, free and unbridled. When we harness our own inner synergy we can think calmly and clearly, flow with our emotions and life cycles instead of buckling under the pressures of life. When we are present WE set the pace. It is then we step into the person who we really are, not the person we were once programmed to be.

I lead visionary leaders through their unique awakening experience. so that they can lead from a place of their true SELF. And in that place, we not only come home to ourselves but the answers to our questions. We are amidst a global awakening, a pinnacle time of change. So it really is time to awaken and harness a new Human HE R D.

Be   S E E N  Be   H E R D

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