The beginning is easy, the end a victory but that middle part, it sure is messy!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional – the business needs marketing. Period.
Only, what marketing works best for YOU and your business? What keeps you motivated and wanting to do what you do everyday? What really rewards you and what holds you back?
We all want to be seen, heard, recognized and validated for what we do. It feels damn good. Only often, we don’t get to that point as we’re so busy being busy that we miss the fun in our business and profession.
How can you bring creativity, fun, passion, leadership and humour into your work? AND still be profitable?
These questions and more is what the Visionary Entrepreneur On Fire Business Event will be working on together with you.
Here are some things to think about. Did you know that you as a Visionary love to LEARN by DOING? That you’ve always found it tiresome and boring to learn the theory first and put things into practice?
When you get an idea you want to put it into action and see it come to life – you don’t want to sit and work out the semantics about the idea. That feels restricting and limiting.
The way you think isn’t always advantageous for you in your profession and business as many want to see the facts and figures first before the emotion and purpose. So how do you bring the two together?
This is what I specialise in: Not just having to be ONE thing, but learning to use ALL you are to be ALL things needed to make the Vision happen.


The Leading International Brand and Business (Performing) Strategist for Creative Visionaries. Author, Speaker, and Creator and Founder of Soul Brand Marketing® and Brand Your Soul®

My story begins in Pretoria, South Africa, a place in which I’ve spent half my life, and one that will always remain my motherland. When I was 16 I felt the call to spread my wings and travelled to Europe, a journey that led to many questions, answers that created new questions and, of course, exposure to new cultures, languages and experiences. With no support from family or friends, I very quickly learned how to believe in myself and my ability to adapt. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but also the most rewarding.

Since that time I’ve established myself as an International Brand and Business (Performing) Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Creative Visionary and it’s this wealth of knowledge and hard-won experience that I’m bringing back to this place, the place of my birth. My goal is to help other women entrepreneurs move past the barriers, both real and imagined, that are keeping them from becoming the Creative Visionaries they were born to be.

Once a starry-eyed young woman eager to explore the world, I now understand that the only real barriers exist in our minds, and that fear can have a very strong grip when it comes to answering our calling logically and spiritually.


So… what exactly IS Visionary Entrepreneurs on Fire?
It’s a 1 and 2-day intensive business event happening from February 14-15 in Cape Town and February 21st in Johannesburg, South Africa.
More than the standard conference. You know the drill: A collection of really smart speakers hold court on a variety of subjects and if you’re lucky, you might be able to attend a Q&A session.
There’s nothing wrong with that model in and of itself, but I knew that this Visionary Business Event for Entrepreneurs and Professionals needed to be somehow… more.
Don’t worry, we’ll still be presenting the best-of-the-best of both international and local South African experts, but you’ll have the opportunity to work directly WITH those experts throughout the weekend!
Visionary Entrepreneurs on Fire is far more than a conference… it’s a labour of love, a meeting of minds and a creative catalyst for visionary entrepreneurs.

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